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With an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and a masters degree from Northwestern University, lead genealogist, Scott Norrick combines over 30 years of family history research with the necessary skills and passion to provide meaningful and proven results. He has been published in the Indiana Genealogical Society's Indiana Genealogist, has presented at The Association of Professional Genealogists annual conference, and has been a featured guest on the radio show/podcast Extreme Genes. Having traced and documented thousands of ancestors and relatives in both the United States and Northern Europe, he is experienced with all of the latest and time-tested genealogical tools and resources.

We subscribe to all of the major genealogical databases and most of our research utilizes a combination of family knowledge and document research. We can also incorporate the latest in DNA technology and analysis where desired.


We are members of the following organizations:
-Association of Professional Genealogists
-New England Historic Genealogical Society
-Other international, state and local genealogical societies and libraries

In cases where a client’s research needs extend beyond our areas of expertise, we are also able to partner and contract with other genealogists and researchers that have the necessary expertise.

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