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Feedback from recent client engagements include: 

"Thank you for relevant, well explained, and valuable research." -M.H. in Wisconsin

"Your analysis and information brought new meaning to the facts. Thank you for shedding new light on the subject." -J.C. in Wisconsin

"Great information and very comprehensive." -M.C. in Illinois

"Well done, efficient, and informative." -M.G. in Illinois


"Very knowledgable. Perfect." -C.C. in Illinois

"Very helpful to my research." -S.S. in Illinois

"Perfect.  As described." -W.W. in Wisconsin

"Your presentation was exceptional. Your professionalism, expertise, and insights enriched and left a lasting impression on attendees." -D.H. in Michigan


"I appreciated the information. Excellent." -L.C. in Indiana

"Your presentation was great!" -V.T. in Wisconsin

"Wonderful presentation with a lot of useful info." -S.C. in Illinois

"Great presentation." -M.C. in Ohio

Ancestral Past also solicits and receives feedback on its presentations. Of the presentations in 2022-2023, the average feedback on a 5.0 scale has been 4.8. 

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